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Introducing the premier box in The Dessert Atelier gifting range, our signature box. With piquant raspberry highlights and luscious rose undertones the flavour array is as vibrant as the colour palette.... we invite you to taste the colour..

Our signature dessert box includes:

WHITE CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY DOUGHNUT | Artisan crafted fluffy doughnut, stuffed with Berry compote, smothered in sweet white chocolate and a sprinkling of crumbled dried raspberries.

HANDCRAFTED ROCKY ROAD WAFER CONE | Pillowy marshmallows, coconut and raspberry smothered in velvety milk chocolate and rose petals nestled within a crisp wafer cone. (Ingredients subject to change)

CITRUS TARTLETTE | Velvety smooth zesty citrus in a sweet shortcrust pastry base. Adorned with a gold crumble tuille.

DARK CHOCOLATE GANACHE TARTLETTE | Velvety smooth Dark Chocolate ganache in a sweet shortcrust pastry base. Adorned with a gold crumble tuille.

PETITE VANILLA GATEAUX |Delectable bite sized vanilla gateaux topped with fluffy vanilla buttercream, crispy pearls

PETITE CHOCOLATE GATEAUX | Chocolate gateaux topped with fluffy buttercream, crispy chocolate pearls.

TRIO OF FRENCH MACARONS | The perfect blend of crispy, chewy and creamy... all in one bite. Raspberry, Strawberry and Bubblegum flavours.

THE DESSERT ATELIER COOKIE | A sugar cookie, covered in sweet fondant and finished with our Dessert Atelier signature style

Dessert box is finished with an assortment of fluffy vanilla marshmallows and Raspberry, Rosewater and Blood Orange French Meringue Kisses.

Dessert box contents should be kept cool and eaten within 24 hours.  

* All products contain nuts or traces of nuts