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Introducing the Dessert Atelier’s Vegan friendly dessert box, curated with the very best in Melbournes plant based desserts, cakes, slices and confectionery to appease even the most fussy vegan (Or non Vegan) palette. 

From luscious chocolate, zesty orange, to spicy apple pie .. This box is not just delicious for vegan... this box is delicious for EVERYONE. 

Our Pure-Fection plant based vegan dessert box includes:

APPLE PIE |  Vanilla Bean glaze, spiced apple filling, biscuit crumbs and dutch cinnamon. (V, HFr)

DOUBLE CHOCOLATE LAMINGTON | the ultimate chocolate indulgence. Moist rich vegan chocolate cake with a centre of gooey chocolate, dipped in more chocolate and rolled in chocolate dusted coconut. (GFr, V, HFr)

NEAPOLITAN BROOKIE | Whipped strawberry icing sandwiched between a vanilla and chocolate cookie, drizzled with dark chocolate. (GFr, V, HFr)

ORANGE POPPYSEED GATEAUX | Delicious, light and crumbly orange poppyseed cake toped with zesty orange with a scattering of poppyseeds and a orange segment. (GFr, V, HFr)

CHOC MUD GATEAUX Rich vegan chocolate cake topped with vegan buttercream and a scattering of choc crumble. (GFr, V, HFr)

TRIPLE CHOC CUPCAKE | Vegan Choc chip muffin topped with melted chocolate and sprinkled with rose petals (GFr, V, HFr)

SPICED CARROT CAKE | Vegan carrot Cake with Funky Lemon Icing crowned with a Walnut & Pepita Praline. (V, HFr)

V- Vegan. No animal or animal by products present.

GFr- Gluten Friendly. Whilst all our GF items are prepared with Gluten Free ingredients, there may be traces of gluten as they are prepared in kitchens that prepare items that contain gluten.

HF- Halal Friendly. Item has been made with Halal certified ingredients or with ingredients that omit alcohol or porcine products.

*All products contain Nuts or traces of Nuts
*All products contain traces of Gluten