What are you doing this World Chocolate Day 2022?

So if you regularly check in on our Melbourne dessert blog or follow our dessert box socials, It will come as no surprise to you that our favourite day of the year is not Christmas or New Year’s Day…….. It’s World Chocolate Day. Yes every year on July 7th we raise our hot chocolates (with a chocolate cupcake in the other hand) and toast to celebrate our all time favourite treat.


World Chocolate Day may have only begun in 2009…. But people have been appreciating this delicious dessert for centuries. It is thought that chocolate was first discovered over 4,000 years ago in Mesoamerica (now Mexico) by the Olmec that turned cacao plants into a chocolate drink used in rituals. And just like we all suspected, it was also used as a medicine to cure various ailments. More proof that chocolate fixes everything!


Chocolate was then brought to Europe by explorer Hernandez’s Cortez (when he was offered it by an Aztec King on his travels) who decided to add honey and cane sugar to sweeten it to his tastes.


In the mid 1800’s Cadbury began creating and selling the chocolate bars we have all come to know and love, followed closely by milk chocolate by another familiar company – Nestle. Later came white and ruby chocolate.


To pay homage to chocolate, the dessert Atelier created the Choc-onnoisseur and Choc’tail dessert box’s. These delicious dessert box’s are jam packed with all the variety’s of rich velvety chocolates including: dark, milk and white. Be it’s the salted caramel stuffed chocolate cupcake, chocolate smothered caramel slice, chocolate Rocky road, chocolate macaron, chocolate, coffee and hazelnut torte… These dessert boxes are proof that chocolate really does make everything better.


So treat yourself or someone special to a delicious chocolate dessert box gift this world chocolate day. We will even go as far as to say we think this day even deserves it’s own public holiday.