Us gals at The Dessert Atelier LOVE travel.... and have done our fair share of it! We have made some blunders and learnt some tricks along the way. We have learnt that there will always be something thrown at you whilst travelling, and it’s always great to be prepared. We have put together a list of our seven top tips to help make travelling stress free. 


A few weeks (if possible) write up a comprehensive check list. We say a few weeks because inevitably you will remember more things to add as the time draws closer. Things tend to come to you as you going about everyday life, and not necessarily while you are packing. We always use our phone notepads so that we can add at the time we think of it. It I also gives you plenty of time to purchase or borrow things on the list that you may not have.

Packing should be begin only a couple of days prior to departure. Any earlier and you run the risk of having to remove things to use in everyday life (and forget to pop them back in). Any later and you may leave yourself short on time to be able to grab anything that’s missing.


Anyone else guilty of the overpack?!!! US!!! In reality... 99% of the time, you don’t end up wearing half the stuff you pack and end up lugging it half way around the world, only to bring it home. 


Come up with an outfit for each day and occasion. For instance, if you are travelling for a specific occasion (wedding, party, holiday) count the number of days and nights you will be away and come up with an outfit for each day... and extra points for any pieces that can be combined for multiple outfits. 

Allocate your travel clothes – these will probably be warmer more comfortable wear for on the plane, road trip or bus etc

Allocate an outfit for any activities or occasions that require particular items ie swimwear, skiwear, cocktail dress etc

Then, put those outfits together and pack them into your suitcase.


Two words.... Marie Kondo! If you haven’t already, read Marie Kondo’s ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ or watch her Netflix show. Her folding method is tried and tested as a space saving miracle especially for tight spaces such as suitcases and also helps your items to remain wrinkle free and ready to unpack and wear at your destination. 


We love either utilising hotel laundering services, or self contained facilities to have clothing freshly washed and ready to unpack into drawers when you return. There is nothing worse than adding to post holiday blues than with a mountain of washing. 

f neither of these is an option we recommend a dirty laundry bag and packing dirty laundry onto one side of the suitcase, with clean laundry on the other side. That way when you return there is no sorting needed.


Give us ALL the zip lock bags! By the dozen. All the sizes. Get them in your suitcase! They are ideal for compartmentalising and organising and means you can pack lots of little just in case things like cotton and needle, cotton buds, wet wipes, cords etc without needing the entire pack.


Ever had your bag go another state or country while travelling? Yup – us too. To avoid the stress, always put a spare set of clothing (plus underwear and toiletries necessity’s ) in your carry on luggage.

Before you get back

If you have the means... organise a cleaner to spruce up the house before you get home. 

Also organising Supermarket delivery or meal delivery services to arrive for the day or day after you return so that you can spend the day relaxing rather than worrying about restocking the fridge.


Inevitably when away for any extended period you will miss a friend or family birthday or survival occasion. Organise like a Boss and schedule in advance for them all to receive a surprise dessert gift box from The Dessert Atelier luxury dessert box service. www.thedessertatelier.com.au

Happy and Safe travels all XO