If your Mum is anything like mine, she may not be the easiest to buy for. My Mum doesn’t usually want much, but when she does, she will usually just purchase it for herself. This causes much angst for us siblings when it comes time to purchase her a gift on occasions such as Mother Day.


After years of practice however, I’m pleased to share my top five Mothers Day Gifts.


1. A Luxury Dessert Gift box from the Dessert Atelier

What could be sweeter than a beautiful gift box, filled with you Mums favourite desserts and confectionary, with free Melbourne delivery to her door on Mother’s Day with a smile? For a double Mothers Day delight, why not add some flowers to your dessert box by sending her a Dessert Atelier ‘Flower and Dessert Gift Box’?

2. A Cook Book

This is one of my favourite Mother’s Day gifts, both to give and to receive. It could be a book on your Mums favourite cuisine or a book of recipes by her favourite chef. If you’re feeling creative a hand made book of carefully curated family recipes (think Nans famous banana cake). If you have the budget, a cooking class voucher for you both to go along to us also a wonderful gift.


3. A Flower Arrangement

Flowers on Mother’s Day... in fact on any Day is a gift that never gets old. For extra longevity why not send her a preserved flower arrangement? Or for even more Mothers Day brownie points combine them with some delectable desserts in dessert Box with a delicious Dessert Atelier ‘Flower and Dessert Gift Box’?

4. A photo gift

Whether it’s a carefully curated and annotated photo book of family memories, a photo shoot of her beloved family or a photo turned into an artistic sketch... a photo gift is always sure to tug on on the heart strings of a Mum. You are after all her greatest gift.


5. The Gift of time

Time together is something that is increasingly precious as life gets busier... so time can often be the most valuable gift to give her on Mother’s Day. Why not book a table at your favourite restaurant or cafe? Or if social distancing or distance in general does not permit, order her a dessert atelier dessert box or a coffee and set aside some focused time to give your Mum a call on Mother’s Day.


Hopefully our Mothers Day Gift Guide has given you a few ideas for Mother’s Day gifts this year. I am sure you will have a few of your own top tips to add to our Mothers Day gift guide, so please feel free to tag us to them on Instagram on Mother’s Day. If your Mum is Melbourne based, make sure you shop our Mothers Day collection for a beautiful array of guts that can be delivered to her door on Mother’s Day.