The world is in lock down amid the panic associated with Covid-19. As we all grapple to get used to this crazy new world of social distancing and self isolation... here are our top tips to make the most of this time in.


  1. Spring Clean

Whether it’s a simple wardrobe clean out or top to bottom house clean, now is the tome. We suggest doing this at the beginning of the isolation period to make the rest of the tome as relaxing as possible. Start off with one area at a time and pull everything out of it. Evaluate the value of everything you put back into your space... and remember when it comes to hanging on to things less is more!


  1. Catch up with friend and family

Just because you are in isolation, doesn’t mean you can’t use the tome to re-connect with family and friends. Whether it’s a call to the grandparents or zoom video conference call with the girls for a virtual drink... spend time you normally wouldn’t have reconnecting with those that matter most.


  1. Cleansing

What better time to give your body and soul a cleanse. From the products you put on your face, nails and hair.. to the people you surround yourself with. Use this down tome as a chance to scale things back and regenerate.


  1. Learn

Whether it’s a crash course in a new Language, or learning to make a new dessert... keep your mind occupied with positive constructive tasks.


  1. Self Care

Take the time to establish some self care rituals to help you physically and mentally.


We guarantee that if you follow the above you will emerge from your self isolation cocoon and even better butterfly than you went in. And remember, if you feel like treating yourself or a loved one to an isolation gift... our dessert boxes make the perfect gift.