It is definitely not a secret that we here at The Dessert Atelier Head quarters are just a little dessert obsessed! And as our life revolves around the styling of delectable desserts... we thought we would share with you our tips on how to create the perfect jaw dropping, Instagram worthy dessert table.

In recent years, Dessert tables have become a regular feature at functions. From baby showers to weddings and birthdays... the possibility’s are endless.  



Dessert tables are a great focal point in any function and an effective way to emphasise your theme. 

Inspiration for a dessert table theme can come in many forms... it may be as simple as the hosts favourite colour palette, character or Dessert or perhaps may revolve around the styling of the venue or flowers etc.


Preparation is key to the success of any great Dessert table. To begin with, work out how many people will be attending the function, and how many pieces do you think each person will have? Secondly how big is the table? When you have the size and number of desserts required you can roughly map the table.



A dessert table can be as economical or lavish as you wish. At this stage you will be able to calculate Budget. You may want to have the whole table created by your favourite dessertier or a combination of a few.  Or perhaps you wish to dedicate a significant amount of the budget to the hero piece and create the rest of the accompanying desserts yourself.  Whatever you decide it’s a great idea to draw up a rough budget and costs.



Is very important to consider not only the aesthetics of how the dessert matches the table, but also the variety (to suit a variety of tastes), taste (some desserts that look great may not taste as great) and most importantly the temperature requirements of each dessert type and how that will be managed at the location. control.


Some of our favourite dessert table items (with ambient temp requirements) are: Cake, Cookies, Cupcakes, Some Dessert Cups, Donuts, Brownies, Tarts, Shards, and Chocolate Dipped anything! The Dessert Atelier also offers a great range of dessert catering packs, to make styling your next dessert table a breeze. CLICK HERE



We recommend selecting two to four colours. Begin with the centrepiece (ie the cake) colour selection and then ask for Pantone colour references in order to guide colour selection for accompanying desserts.



Every dessert table should have a focal point. Whether it is the occasion cake, dessert tower or even a flower arrangement.  This should be decided first so that everything else chosen compliments and emphasis it.



To create a visually interesting and cohesive dessert table, desserts should be styled with height variation. A simple pyramid structure can often be the most simple strategy. Put simply, the centrepiece should be central and at the top of the pyramid, flanked on either side by large desserts followed by the shorter and smaller items in the front.  In order to create height cake stands, plinths, risers and platters as well as other creative objects (such as crates and suitcases) may be utilised.



The addition of themed decor is where styling can be taken to the next level.  Backdrops are a great way to bring focus to the table create interest and tie your design into your dessert table.  Balloons, table coverings, laser cut words, signage and florals are all perfect additions. 


Don’t forget to check out The Dessert Ateliers dessert catering packs for your next dessert table.


Happy styling